Monday, January 13, 2020

Where to apply your handicap strokes.

GOLF 101
How to Pop a Card
aka Where to Apply My Handicap Strokes

Supplies needed:
Scorecard for the course you are playing
Your course handicap (not your handicap index)

  • Locate the Ladies’ Handicap Allocation table on the scorecard.  You will see the holes are ranked from 1 through 18.
  • Begin with the hole that is ranked #1 and put a pop (dot) on your scorecard in that scoring box for your name.  If you were a 1 handicap you would be finished now!
  • Move to the hole that is ranked #2 and do the same.  Continue this process in the order of the ranked holes until the number of pops are equal to your course handicap OR until you reach the hole that is ranked 18.  You are finished if your course handicap is 18 or less.  Easy, right?
  • IF your course handicap is higher than 18 you are not finished yet!  Begin with the #1 ranked hole and add a second pop to the scoring box for your name.  This would be the 19th pop for you.  Continue this process until you have as many pops on your card as your course handicap.

Let’s Take This One Step Further To Golf 102
What Is the Maximum I Can Take on Any Hole for Handicap Purposes? 
 (Formerly Called ESC Now Called NET DOUBLE BOGEY)
Formula is Par + 2 (double bogey) + your pops
  • Add par + 2 strokes + the pops you entered for the hole on your card.
  • When you post your score you will adjust the score on any hole to meet the formula for Net Double Bogey (par + 2 + pops) as your maximum.

There you have it!  You are a pro!!!

Monday, November 4, 2019

AGM Minutes Oct. 15, 2019


Captains Vi Ward and Diana Leitch called the meeting to order during lunch at Zia’s Restaurant.

The minutes of the Spring General Meeting were read by Jean Walker. Seconded by Vi Ward. Carried.

Treasurer’s report: 
Lynne Karaim informed us that there was 366.21 in the General Account and 300.73 in the plan 24.

Tournament Winners:
Review Cup- Helen Pybus
Dot Foreman- Vijai Vaagen
Rental Cup- Pat Gartrell
Most improved Golfer – Christine Haessig
Ringer Board- 1st Division- Christine Haessig and Lil Smith 2nd Division- Ellen Clay
Pin Rounds- 1- Vijai Vaagen 2- Ellen Clay 3- Linda Brussee

Captain and Committee Reports        
Francis Colussi –4 Lady Scramble-  There were 144 ladies this year. They were welcomed into a cart shed.  Dinner was held at the Summerland Arena Banquet Room, paid for by the club.  A temporary Pro Shop was set up to provide merchandise for the winning Gift Certificate holders.  The 50/50 netted $630.00 and the raffle prizes made $1,357.00.  All the ladies who helped out were thanked for their help. Francis recommended donating $500.00 to the club, leaving a balance of $390.96.  She also announced that she will be retiring from her position as Tournament Chair 

Rules; Lil Smith – A letter from Ken Oleschuk was read.  It was in regard to the red and yellow stakes on hole #4. Years ago the golf committee adopted a local rule to treat the stakes differently from the red and yellow Tee boxes.  They would be red stakes.  On the white and blue Tee boxes they would be yellow stakes (Rule #386).  The new OB rules were discussed.The rule has been adopted by our club.

Handicap Chair – Next year we will be going back to equitable strokes.

Vi Ward announced there was 2 hole in one winners this year. They were Carol Mulligan and Diana Leitch.  She also commented on our dropping membership in the Ladies Day club.

Lanette Graham –Interclub- We were 4th in Interclub competion this year. Fairview was the winner and was also the winner of the North/South completion.

Diana Leitch reported on the Zone Two Captains meeting.  The new rule for attendance at a meeting is 75%. The provincial cost for a tournament is $315 next year.  The next meeting will be at Kelowna Golf and Country Club on April 20, 2020 at 10:30.

Diana thanked Lanette for her work on Interclub, Lil for rules sheets for tournaments, Helen Pybus for handicaps and Helen Benallick for filling in even though she couldn’t golf. She also thanked Francis for her hard work to make the Ladies 4 ball such a big success.  Both Diana and Vi think it is time for them to retire.

New Business:
Diana explained the steps needed to dissolve the Ladies Club according to the Bylaws and Constitution.  If nobody volunteers this will happen.
A captain and assistant as well as a Ladies 4 ball Tournament Chair are needed.
Janis Goll volunteered to run for Captain as long as she has lots of help.
Christine Haessig volunteered to run as an assistant.  We really need volunteers to do the draw every week.  There are a lot of things that need to be done before April.  Lanette needs help with Interclub. Interclub Chair and Ladies 4 ball tabled until the Spring General Meeting

The nominations for positions will be the same as this year.
Betsy McAndrew adjourned the meeting 

Submited by Jean Walker

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Results -- October 15th LN

On Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019, the Summerland Golf and Country Ladies Club played 9 holes of golf and held their windup meeting at Zia's Restaurant in Summerland.  It was a low net contest and the winners are:

1st Janis Goll net 61; 
2nd Vi Ward net 64; 
tied for 3rd Maribel Rothfield and Diana Leitch 67;

New Executive for the 2020 golf season is Captain Janis Goll, Vice-Captain Christine Haessig.  

The Ladies Club held three tournaments over the golf season and the winners are:
The Dot Foreman Tournament winner is Vijai Vaagen; 
the Rental Center Tournament winner is Pat Gartrell; 
The Review Cup was won by Helen Pybus 
and the most improved golfer this year is Christine Haessig.

We are looking forward to welcoming all golfers old and new to enjoy our newly renovated clubhouse and great course next season.

Friday, October 11, 2019

AGM Agenda October 15th


1. Call the Meeting to Order.

2. Welcome to our members.

3. Welcome to our guests – Review Cup represented by Lucrezia Olivier

4. Special Members – Sheila Westgate – Helen Benallick

5. Jean Walker – Secretary -minutes from October 16 – 2018

6. Treasurer Report – Balance in both accounts

7. Tournament Winners -

  • Dot Forman- Vijai Vaagen
  • Review Cup – Helen Pybus – presented by the Review marketing consultant
  • Rental Cup – Pat Gartrell

8. Most Improved Golfer 2019 – presented by Helen Pybus

9. Ringer Board – Pin Round – Helen Benallick 

10. Executive and Committee Reports
  • Frances Colussi – 4-ball
  • Rules Chair – Lil Smith
  • Handicap Chair – Helen Pybus
  • Inter Club – Lanette Graham
  • Publicity – Ellen Clay

11. Captains' Report – Diana Leitch


  • We must have people to step forward for the coming year. If we don't the Ladies Club as we know it, will cease. We require a Captain, and assistant and a 4 – Ball Chair.
  • Their will be a motion on the floor to approve dissolving the Summerland Daytime Tuesday Ladies Golf Club. In the Spring of 2020. Vi and Diana will stay on for the Zone Spring Meeting and for following the Procedure with the Board of Directors, to dissolving the club.
  • 4 Ball Tournament is under the umbrella of the Ladies Club – Do we ask the Pro Shop to take over the running of the tournament. Or do we look into forming a committee to help run the tournament.