Saturday, November 3, 2018

Annual General Meeting


Captain Vi Ward called the meeting to order after lunch.
The minutes of the Spring General Meeting were read by Jean Walker. Seconded by Helen Benallick.

Treasurer’s report: Lynne Karaim informed us that there was 340.45 in the General Account.

Tournament Winners:
Review Cup- Helen Pybus
Dot Foreman- Helen Benallick
Rental Cup- Ellen Clay
Most improved Golfer – Helen Benallick
Presidents Cup- A side- Vi Ward.  B side- Vijai Vaagen
Ringer Board- 1st Division- Pat Gartrell. 2nd Division- Helen Benallick

Captain and Committee Reports   
  • Rules.  There will be new rules for next year. Check in the pro shop for changes to summer or winter Rules.
  • Ways and Means- Norma Chambers- - $ 271.25 was raised this year.
  • 4 Lady Scramble:  Francis Colussi –-  There were 34 teams this year. The tournament lost $211.62 this year leaving a bank balance of $516.82.  

A motion was made by Diana Leitch and Seconded by Amanda McConaghy that we raise the fees for the 4 lady scramble by $10.00 per person.  Motion carried.

  • Captains Report: Vi Ward announced there was 2 hole-in-one winners this year. They were Carol Mulligan and Diana Leitch.  She also commented on our dropping membership in the Ladies Day club.
  • InterclubLanette Graham –We were 3rd in Interclub competion this year. The rate for interclub was discussed.
  • Zone Two Captains meeting Diana Leitch.  The next meeting will be at Kelowna Golf and Country Club on April 15, 2019.
  • Elections:  The nominations for positions will be the same as this year.
  • Other:  
    • Amanda McConaghy suggested writing a letter to Jason with a copy to Patrick that the Ladies tee boxes get levelled and flattened.
    • Lil Smith wants to retire from keeping the Ladies Club records.  Janis Goll has agreed to do this.
There is no other business.
The winner of the 50/50 is Helen Benallick
Helen Benallick adjourned the meeting

Submitted by Jean Walker, Secretary